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Product Code: MANTIS-396-HDSS
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The Mantis Deck Clip System™

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to Install

  • No fasteners on deck board surface. Even the first and last boards are free of surface fasteners unlike other systems.
  • Deck Boards elevated off of joists with the clip
  • Allows deck boards to completely dry out – Not Rot or Mold
  • Powder Coated High Strength Steel makes sure boards stay tight
  • Ok for ACQ treated joists
  • Comes complete with screws
  • Each box will fasten 50 sq. ft. decking based on 16” O.C. joists.
  • BONUS – FREE STARTER AND FINISH CLIPS included with screws.
  • Thirty Year warranty against loose deck boards
  • Each carton includes 90 Mantis™ Clips + 5 starter clips + 5 finish clips and all the fasteners needed to install.
  • Two profiles to choose from. The Mantis 345 is designed for deck boards with a .360” profile and the Mantis 396 is designed for deck boards with a .416” profile. If you have questions call us at 800-951-2222.
  • Great for: composite decking, hardwood decking, cedar, redwood, pressure treated, etc.

Mantis Clip Instructions

Starter Clip
Line up the back (vertical leg) of the Starter Clip in position for the first deck board. Fasten this clip to the joist with screws supplied. Slide deck board groove into the Starter Clip tab.

Mantis Clip
Slide the Mantis Clip into the deck board groove and fasten to the joist using the screws supplied. Repeat this step until the last deck board is slide into the Mantis Clip.

Finishing Clip
Trim the last deck board to fit, either flush with the outside edge of the rim joist or with an overhang. The Finishing Clip can be installed 1 of 2 ways.

Deck boards that are flush to the outside edge of the rim joist.
Remove the deck board and install the leg (with one hole) of the Finishing Clip to the underside of the board, aligning the deck board edge with the inside of the Finishing Clip leg with 2 holes. (this will ensure a tight fit into the tab of the Mantis Clip) Fasten the Finishing Clip to the joist with the screws supplied.

2. Deck boards that overhang the rim joist.
Leave the last deck board in place and fasten the Finishing Clip (leg with 1 hole) into the underside of the deck board, leaving the clip slightly away from the rim joist so when the leg with 2 holes is fastened to the rim joist it pulls the deck board tight into the Mantis Clip.